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Wyatt Weed:
Director • Writer • Editor • Visual FX
Some of Wyatt Weed's earliest memories are of the movies. He vividly remembers seeing 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY at age 4 and shortly thereafter turning his living room floor into a moon base. Although his parents indulged him in drawing, sculpture, and photography classes, it was the release of Star Wars that inspired Wyatt to pick up a Super 8 mm film camera. Soon after, an obsession was born.

Moving from his hometown of Springfield, Illinois to St. Louis in 1980, Weed attended Webster University for film production, Meramec College for still photography, and Southern Illinois University for acting. He dabbled in American Cablevision's "public access" opportunities, introducing him to the growing field of video as well as live television. After a string of short film and video projects, Wyatt landed his first film job in 1986 on the St. Louis portion of the Taylor Hackford-directed HAIL, HAIL, ROCK AND ROLL.

Longing for bigger and better opportunities, Wyatt took the trek west to Los Angeles in 1988 and soon found himself working as a jack of all trades in a variety of television shows and feature films, including FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, STAR TREK: VOYAGER, LORD OF ILLUSIONS, JAY-JAY THE JET PLANE, MUPPETS FROM SPACE, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2, and RED PLANET.

Wyatt soon moved from building miniatures and art department work into second unit directing and visual effect supervision on the features KUNG FU RASCALS, GUYVER: DARK HERO, and DRIVE. He also directed STAR RUNNERS, a science fiction television pilot. The pilot was purchased by Universal but unfortunately was never aired.

Wyatt met fellow filmmaker Robert Clark while working on long-time friend Ted Smith's GUARDIAN OF THE REALM. Following that feature, Wyatt realized that digital advancements would allow a filmmaker to work anywhere, so he returned to the Midwest and joined Robert's St. Charles-based production company Pirate Pictures on a full-time basis. Since his return, Wyatt has written, directed, and edited numerous shorts and music videos, the monthly magazine show STREETSCAPE, and the vampire feature SHADOWLAND.

Wyatt is dedicated to the mission of bringing Hollywood-style production to the St. Louis area. When he is between projects for Pirate Pictures, he writes scripts and works with other local filmmakers.
Gayle Gallagher:
Producer • Editor
Although Gayle was born in Detroit and spent the first 13 years of her life there, she considers St. Louis home. When her family moved to the St. Louis suburb of Chesterfield, Gayle began attending John F. Kennedy Catholic High School. Before she had even graduated from high school, however, Gayle began to pursue what would become a lifelong passion for music - she began working at radio station KYMC 89.7 FM. She would go on to spend the next 7 years there as on air talent, music director, program director, and station manager.

Gayle attended St. Louis University on a scholarship, and after exhausting all of the audio production classes they had to offer, transfered to Webster University. At Webster she spent one year as an audio engineer in the sound studio, and also developed a love for video production. She went on to receive a degree in Media/Communications.

After graduation, Gayle dove into the corporate video world, writing, lighting, shooting, and editing training videos and documentaries for a variety of clients, including Reliable Life Insurance, Crane National Vendors, and the YMCA. She also continued expanding her career in radio, working as a line producer for the Post Modern Radio Network and as a producer for KUMR, where she produced the show "Brainstorm", which was distributed on National Public Radio.

After her brother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Gayle would be inspired to push her producing and organizing abilities further by becoming the captain of Team Sirius, 70 cyclists and crew members who organize events and solicit sponsors for Bike MS, an annual benefit ride. She also launched the Annual Hollywood Party MS Fundraiser, an Oscar-night event that regularly attracted more than 200 guests during its 10-year run.

Gayle began working with Pirate Pictures during TIMELINE, recording sound and creating audio effects for that short. She has since produced several award-winning short films as well as the feature, SHADOWLAND. As part of the Pirate team, Gayle was the producer and sound recordist for STREETSCAPE, a monthly magazine-style TV show that aired on the local ABC affiliate. Gayle has produced feature films and shorts for other filmmakers in the St. Louis area and worked on numerous corporate and commercial videos as Midwest line-producer.

In the tiny amount of time she has left to herself, Gayle is also a successful freelance graphic artist and a partner in a business called Olde Friends. She lives on Historic Main Street in St. Charles, drives a Mini Cooper, and has a very fat cat named Ivan.
Robert Clark:
Grip • Electric
Robert Clark's first taste of filmmaking came in high school when Ted Smith, future Hollywood director, cast him in a student film. Bob played a police detective who dies in a gloriously bloody shoot-out with a dashing but coldly efficient hit man.

A Missouri native, Bob was raised in St. Louis, the son of Homer Clark, CFO of the prestigious homebuilders The Jones Co. After graduating from Pattonville High, he attended ITT Technical School where he received a degree with honors in Electronic Engineering Technology. After spending 15 years at Rahd Oncology as a Unix Systems Integration Management and Repair tech, he was ready for a change of pace.
In 2002 Bob joined forces with his high school friends and formed Pirate Pictures, a company dedicated to the task of producing a feature-length project using digital technology. He offered the financing for special effects ace Ted Smith's directorial debut, GUARDIAN OF THE REALM. That feature was released by Thinkfilm in June of 2006.

After GUARDIAN OF THE REALM, Bob produced a series of films and music videos, including TIMELINE, RECAP, the award-winning 48 Hour Film Projects BAG OF TRICKS and LOVE BYTES, and the feature SHADOWLAND. Bob was also lead grip/electric for the magazine-style TV show STREETSCAPE.

Bob currently works his grip/electric magic on local St. Louis productions. When he has spare time, he enjoys photography, miniatures, game theory, history, and wrestling with Ginger, his Siberian Husky.