With over 40 years of combined experience, Pirate Pictures creates Feature and Short Films, Commercials, Music Videos, Corporate and Non-Profit videos, TV programs, and any kind of motion marketing you can dream up.

Take a look below at some samples of our work in the different categories.

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Business Features:
We come to your business to do a feature on you and your company to use on your website, presentations, or to put on DVD to mail to potential clients. These videos can range from 2 minutes to 10 minutes or longer depending on the use.
Olde Town Spice Shoppe Hendrick's BBQ United Services for Children
The Olde Town Spice Shoppe is located on Main Street in Historic St. Charles, MO. (Courtesy of StreetScape TV, produced by Pirate Pictures) Hendrick's BBQ is one of four restaurants owned by Dr. Padda and Ami Grimes in the St. Louis area. (Courtesy of StreetScape TV, produced by Pirate Pictures) United Services for Children provides quality early childhood education to preschoolers in our community.(Courtesy of StreetScape TV, produced by Pirate Pictures) The inaugural Fashion Show of Mystique Boutique, the mobile resale shop for Connections to Success. (Courtesy of StreetScape TV, produced by Pirate Pictures)
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Business Profiles:
Short videos (under two minutes) as a way for people to get to know you and your business, perfect for your homepage. Also great as an intro for new clients.
Rivertowne Family Chiropractic Dynamic Life Chiropractic Virtual Health 247
"An optimal spine equals optimal health," Dr. Edward Bickmeyer of Rivertowne Family Chiropractic "We are located in Lake St. Louis because I am a local!" Dr. Kristen Gaines Porlier, Dynamic Life Chiropractic "We started Virtual Health 247 to solve a problem" Mark McLaren, Virtual Health 247
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Video FAQs:
You tell your story so your clients can get to know more about your company.
Aprille Trupiano Aprille Trupiano Virtual Health 247 Virtual Health 247
"Why Should I Hire a Business Coach?" International Business Coach, Aprille Trupiano's vFAQs for her website "What Can I Expect?"
International Business Coach, Aprille Trupiano's vFAQs for her website
"What is Virtual Health 247?" vFAQ featuring Mark McLaren, President of Virtual Health 247 "The Doctors"
vFAQ featuring Mark McLaren, President of Virtual Health 247
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Motion Marketing:
Monthly or quarterly marketing messages for email newsletters and social media.
Renaissance Plastic Surgery
United Services for Children
Mark McLaren, president of Virtual Health 247, uses this video to introduce his company to potential clients. Renaissance Plastic Surgery uses this "Meet the Doctors" video in email newsletters and on their website. (Courtesy of StreetScape TV, produced by Pirate Pictures) United Services for Children has made DVD copies of this video and are sending it out to 500 potential clients. (Courtesy of StreetScape TV, produced by Pirate Pictures)
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Video Headshots:
These short interview videos give casting directors and producers a glimpse into who you are. Unlike a monologue, these capture your personality.
Randy Manning
"I was the funny kid that no girl wanted to date..."
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As a way to give back to our community, Pirate Pictures works for local non-profit organizations, creating promotional, motivational, educational, and fundraising videos.
National MS Society Arts & Education Council Connections to Success Cinema St. Louis
Pirate does a lot of work for National MS Society creating videos used for promotion, education, fundraising, and motivation. Arts and Education Council uses videos for their annual fundraising campaigns. Connections to Success works to break the cycle of poverty through hope, resources and a plan. They use this video on their website to explain who they are. Cinema St. Louis promotes the art of cinema and expands the availability of cinema experiences. Pirate has created informational and commercial peices for CSL.
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Feature Films:
Our passion is creating, and that creativity and passion get showcased in our features.
Shadowland Guardian of the Realm Tapestry of Shadows
Created in St. Louis, MO and screened in theatres around the world, Shadowland is an Award-Winning feature film. The first feature film in Pirate Pictures' library, this was award-winning feature was filmed in Los Angeles. Produced by Munirah Productions, edited by Wyatt Weed of Pirate Pictures.
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Shorts & Music Videos:
We take our creative talents from feature films and use them to create shorts and music videos that tell a story.
Bag of Tricks Love Bytes Recap Timeline
Award-winning short: Best Esamble Acting, Best Editing, Best use of Genre. Starring David Martyn Conley, Amber Waller, and Jay Kelley. Award-winning short: Best Special Effects and Audience Choice. Starring David Martyn Conley, Erin Dempsey, and Jay Kelley. Music video based on the end title track from the short film Timeline. Music by Mile 48, starring Tanya Dempsey, Scott White, Josh Jaynes, and Alan David. A short romantic comedy written and directed by Wyatt Weed. Starrring Tanya Dempsey, Josh Bywater, and Meagan Mangum.
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Need a commercial for your business or event? We can help!
Mayor Slay Cinema St. Louis Vincentenial
This award-winning commercial was produced for a competition designed to generate more political commercial production in St. Louis. A trailer for a fake 1950s film to promote the Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival A short promo for Vincentennial, a May 2011 festival celebrating the 100th birthday of Vincent Price, cinema's most elegant scary guy and St. Louis' #1 celebrity.
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Special FX:
Pirate Pictures' Wyatt Weed spent 18 years in Los Angeles working behind the scenes in the film industry, creating minatures, models, special FX, props and costumes.
Shadowland - Cathedral Adrift War of the Planets
A Behind-The-Scenes bonus of deleted opening scene from the feature film "Shadowland." Wyatt Weed designed and created the miniature space pod used in the opening of this film. This short was inspired chiefly by the 1953 version of "The War of the Worlds". It uses quite a few practical and digital effects.
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Whether in the studio, or on location, Pirate Pictures produces television.
StreetScape Dolce Vita
A monthly magazine-style program with segments featuring events, people, businesses and locations in the St. Charles area. IN DEVELOPMENT: This half-hour weekly show will be hosted by International Business Coach Aprille Trupiano, and will feature the "enviable woman."
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